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The IMS platform technology rests on a broad range of advanced know how and expertise in charged particle technology. IMS focuses on development and manufacturing of tools for nanolithography and nanopatterning of surfaces. The aim is to extend resolution and throughput limits of today’s conventional systems by a combination of existing technology elements with IMS proprietary innovations to create  systems with significantly improved performance. The IMS core competencies are:

- Understanding user needs and methods for nanolithography and resist-less nanopatterning
- Charged particle beam technology and systems
- Process know how and process simulation software tools

IMS is active in the areas of electron beam maskless nanolithography and ion beam maskless and resistless nanopatterning of materials and surfaces. Currently IMS is concentrating its main efforts on the development of an electron multi-beam Mask Writer (eMET) for the fabrication of leading-edge complex masks and templates.

Additional important applications of the IMS electron and ion multi-beam projection techniques are wafer Direct Write and resistless Nanopatterning. IMS has already realized Prototypes for these applications.

IMS has extensive experience in system design of advanced charged particle tools, optics modeling and integration of prototypes. IMS specifies and co-develops electronic and micro-system-technology modules with specialist subcontractors in these fields. By using electron or ion multi beams for lithography and direct structuring, the advantages of charged particles are effectively used. Previous projects have proven the charged particle technology and have shown important results in ion beam lithography and resist-less patterning down to 12.5nm resolution. IMS Nanofabrication has established a broad portfolio of enabling patents.

For more detailed technical information, please also look at our recent Publications.