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Keynote presentation of Elmar Platzgummer / CEO at SPIE: Mo, Feb 25, 2013

Elmar Platzgummer, CEO of IMS Nanofabrication AG, is invited to present the keynote “Electron multibeam technology for mask and wafer writing” at the SPIE Advanced Lithography international conference, taking place February 24-28, 2013 in San Jose, California, USA. The Monday, February 25 keynote is part of Session 1 of the Conference “Alternative Lithographic Technologies V” [paper 8680-3].

Electron multi-beam technology for mask and wafer writing

Elmar Platzgummer

IMS Nanofabrication AG
Schreygasse 3, Vienna, A-1020 Austria

We realized a proof-of-concept (POC) tool confirming writing principles and lithography performance capability. The new architecture will be introduced for mask writing at first, but has also the potential for 1xmask and direct wafer writing. The POC system achieves the predicted 5nm 1sigma blur across the array of 512 x 512 programmable 20nm beams. 24nm HP has been demonstrated and complex patterns have been written in scanning stripe exposure mode. The first production worthy system for the 11nm HP mask node is scheduled for 2014. Implementing a multi-axis column configuration, 50x/100x productivity enhancement is possible for direct 300/450mm wafer writing.

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